APIK - Amanah Profesional Integritas Kualitas.


PT APIK MEDIA INOVASI is a company that is committed to high integrity in the field of Information Technology. Innovative is our keyword to fulfill the needs of the Information Technology Industry in Indonesia.
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sign Azhari Ahmad Founder & CEO

Reach Your Full Business Potential With Professional IT One Solution.


IT Solution

APIK is a problem solver for your IT needs by implementing the best solutions.


Enjoy various benefits by always being connected to the Internet for 24 hours without limitations.


Focus on your business. We are ready to manage, secure, and run IT Operations for your company.

Data Center

A facility used to place the customer's hardware (computer) that connected 24 hours with the Internet.

Managed Services

No need to worry about managing IT systems, APIK is ready to help you. From identifying to determining it, your needs are guaranteed by our professional team.


APIK ensures that all your communications are always connected. Through our infrastructure with many connections and large bandwidth capacity, you don't have to worry about serving the media industry which needs a stable environment to meet the demands of your audience.


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Easily adjust your needs, you just need to focus on running the core business.

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Our Partner

What do they think about Us?


  • Since 2016, I've been using services and products from PT. APIK Media Inovasi because they giving me option in terms of service and price at its best


  • PT Apik Media Inovasi’s technical support team really understands their customer, they know what we need and are always given special treatment


  • They are often quick to respond to administrative file requests for their services and products, which saves your time. PT. Apik Media Inovasi is the best!


  • APIK makes it easy to build any business, especially in the IT field. The support provided by a technical team that is always ready 24 hours is also very helpful if there are problems.


Why Choose Us

Supported by a team that is very competent and has passion for work, we believe in being able to provide quality service, consistent and has added value for the achievement of common goals.

  • Professional

    A professional, experienced, and fast support team to provide the best service

  • Simple

    Provides convenience by adjusting your needs, thus keeping you focused on running your main business.

  • Fast

    A network connected to 4 Premium POP (Point of Presence) in Indonesia which ensures closer access to customers

  • Good Quality

    APIK has 5 buildings as data centers, one of which is in IDC Duren Tiga which is known to have the best facilities and places for interconnection

  • SLA Guaranteed

    SLA guarantee (Service Level Agreement) in accordance with the agreement.

  • Our Data Center

    APIK has 5 buildings as data centers, one of which is in IDC Duren Tiga which is known to have the best facilities and places for interconnection.

  • 24 Hours Support

    Provides comfort with a 24-hour support and support system.

How we work


Happy Client

Provides comfort with a 24-hour support and support system.

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The big family

Our Team

Supported by a competent and passionate team that we believe will be able to provide quality service, consistent, and have added value for common goals.

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Azhari Ahmad


Yaumil Ihsan

Marketing Communication

M. Apriyansyah

Sales Marketing